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For help with this website contact me, David Liao ().

Asking questions in a Soundjack support community is a good way to get help.

  1. Soundjack facebook group
    1. Authoritative members:
      1. Dr. Alex Carôt (Anhalt) created Soundjack.
      2. Dr. Ian Howell (NEC) created the Comprehensive Soundjack Guide and related tutorial materials.
      3. Dr. Christian Hoene manages the fastmusic box software.
  2. Soundjack support forum
  3. Soundjack Discord server
    1. Veteran Soundjack user Arne Nordwall (JamTuner) is the Discord server administrator.
    2. Use time-zone based channels to find users who are latency-wise nearby.

You can hire individualized consulting from professional musicians who have experience with low-latency technology.

  1. Dr. Ian Howell's Embodied Music Lab offers consulting, advising, and speaking on using low-latency audio/video for online collaborative musical performance.
  2. Eden Casteel uses livestreaming to broadcast low-latency performances with musicians as far as Germany. Eden is available to get you set up.

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Quick-and-dirty troubleshooting (short of starting setup from scratch)

I can't hear anyone elseWear headphones on head
No one can hear meIf required for your mic/preamp, check that 48-V phantom power is ON.
Others hear me only in their left earTry setting your capture/send channels to 2 (mono mix).
Someone is echoingEnsure audio in any 3rd-party video platform is completely disabled:
  1. Zoom: Mute/Unmute button ^ > Leave Computer Audio
  2. webex: Mute/Unmute button ^ > Switch audio > Call in
  3. VDO.Ninja: Append &ad=0 to URL and refresh browser tab
  4. Other web-based video platform (Restream, Jitsi, etc.):
    1. Mute microphone.
    2. Mute playback from browser tab: Right-click tab title and choose Mute site/tab.
Extremely (garbled) audio and/or FAILED displays on STAGE
  1. Ensure all users have an Ethernet cable (OK to have an intervening switch) directly connecting the device on which Soundjack is running to the main router.
  2. On the device running Soundjack application, ensure WiFi is OFF.
  3. Do not use a VPN.
Number of buffered packets from remote user ratcheting up
  1. Ask remote user to set their network buffer to 256 samples.
  2. Disable automatic jitter buffer for audio received from that user.
  3. Manually try using 2, 3, or 4 buffered packets for that user.
Change I/O Settings message Check STAGE settings for audio input and audio output .
Audio not ready error/yellow highlighting of your usernameChange your sample buffer to something else and then back.
Soundjack application keeps crashing on my Mac as I repeatedly load the STAGE. STAGE settings can be adjusted even while the Soundjack application is crashed, so you can
  1. Change STAGE setting(s).
  2. Restart the Soundjack application.
  3. Reload the STAGE.
If you are using the built-in mic on your Mac, make sure that your capture/send channels setting is 1 before restarting the Soundjack application and then reloading the STAGE.
STAGE is not completely loading
  1. Clear browser cache.
  2. Quit all instances (there should only be one) of soundjack application.
NAT status indicator stubbornly indicates an unusual unwanted amount of redReboot every device that has recently run Soundjack (to ensure any no longer desirable assignment of a port to a device is relinquished).
(Seems to be resolved!) SJ Server appears to be down (nothing will work) errorAsk in Soundjack facebook group whether anyone else is getting the same error. Mention @Jazzalex Masterman, @Arne Nordwall, @Ian Howell, and @David Liao in your post.