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Estimated one-way transit delays for pairs of cities

One-way transit time (OTT) estimates were obtained by halving round-trip times (pings). Estimated OTTs less than or equal to 5 ms are indicated by darker edges, and estimated OTTs over 5 ms but under 10 ms are indicated by lighter edges. Longer OTTs are not shown. Click a city name to conceal names of cities that are 10 ms or more of OTT away.

The pings used were a subset of pings measured 2022 February 14 graciously provided by WonderProxy. A two-day set of ping data (from 2020 July 19 and 20) is freely available from WonderProxy at https://wonderproxy.com/blog/a-day-in-the-life-of-the-internet/. The network is visualized using vis.js Network visualization. Data have not been checked for integrity and completeness. Page is provided "for fun."